The new kind of finance app.
Take full control of your money.

goscore is here to redefine your banking experience. For your own sake.

Several bank accounts from different banks? Have at least one credit card or loan?

Always trying to pay back with no interest?
Or looking for a new loan?

See how these could get easier with goscore!
Understand your spendings. At a glance.
It's no longer matters how many accounts do you have, which banks you're using and how many different cards do you have.

With goscore now, your activities are aggregated into a single space in easy to understand way.
Pay less interest.
Or even no interest at all.
Are you worrying about missing due date? Never miss it anymore.

See your current balance on all credit cards and control your downpayment to pay less interest.

Get a reminder when you are close to the due date for interest free use.
Save even more by accepting a partner's offer.
Selected by us. Just for you.
We believe that you deserve personalised experience, so we asked our partners to prepare a special offers to you.

Our smart matchmaking algorithms will give you offers tailored specially for you to improve your financial sustainability.

Get access to new opportunities at the right time you need. Proactively. From us. To you.
Coming This Year
Personal credit score.
Your credit score is an essential part of the loan application evaluation process. Each time you get a new credit card, leasing a car or getting a new phone from the cellular provider your creditworthiness is checked by a bank or a company.

Now you can see it, understand it and know how does it affect bank's decision. With goscore you'll get insight on your credit score and useful tips about how to improve it and when is the best time for applying for a loan.
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