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Banks, insurance, real estate

We have various solutions fit industry-specific needs: from finance and insurance to eCommerce and accounting.

Get to know your customers better with support of data.

We know how to solve the most prominent issues in your industry - credit assessment. We offer competition for banks, personal pricing strategy for insurance, better payment options for eCommerce or invoice payment forecast for debt collection. This and much more.


We help you to get better customers, approve loans to wrongly rejected, enrich data, and improve or build new digital services.
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Evaluate customers based on the up-to-date financial profile and give them relevant offers with the most accurate pricing.
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Debt collection
Help your debtors to find the best possible way to handle their debt: from instalment plan to special treatment. Data insights will help to find the best way and predict the probability of the invoice to get paid.
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Bring "one-click payments" with rich benefits of instalment plan right on your website. Personalized automated digital services tailored to the personal finance.
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Get reliable indicators regarding life-time events of your customers: make an offer even before they'll start "shopping" around, cross-sell new and existing products and help to reach customers' goals.
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Real estate
Verify tenant solvency and get rental payment insurance with our product - sprove. Check available funds before accepting sales bid.
sprove - solvency verification

Upcoming solutions

Credit scoring
We already have the necessary foundation, experience and team to make new credit scoring fair, accurate and human-centric. Contact us to see how it works.
SME lending
Accounting data
SME and corporate lending are full of manual operations and lack real-time data which are essential to make the right decision and compete on the market. Together we'll make SME lending great again.
Open Banking shows the way of transparency and bring us great services not possible before. Imagine the same data available for corporate customers. We work to make accounting data available.

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