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Right decisions. Data-driven.

Use our experience in building problem-solving ML models in lending, insurance, marketing and pricing strategies.

You already have data. We'll make it work for you.

Our existing solutions make sense of your data and transform it into actionable insights. We team up traditional data sources with Open Banking data and any relevant third parties or open sources to bring you value and satisfy your needs.

Use cases

Loan pre-screening
Evaluate your customers before the onboarding process is complete: show what they'll get and "pre-approve" the loan offer to facilitate completing the onboarding, while reducing churn and CAC.
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Credit risk assessment
Manage loan portfolio based on reliable data and advanced technology. Perform as planned, fully comply with regulations and stop rejecting creditworthy customers. Customers are unique, so should their offers be.
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Message customers clearly
Explain the decision clearly to increase loyalty and prevent potential customers to select another bank. We know how to explain any decision: additional terms, special pricing or even rejection.
Tailored pricing strategy
Team up Open Banking data with "traditional" data to bring a truly unique and individual pricing for new and existing customers.
Reach proactively
Get reliable indicators regarding the life-time events of your customers: make an offer even before they'll start "shopping" around, cross-sell new and existing products and help to reach customers' goals.
Single invoice insurance
Forecast probability of invoice payment for upcoming invoices for suppliers, insurance and debt collection agencies.

Upcoming solutions

Credit scoring
We already have the necessary foundation, experience and team to make new credit scoring fair, accurate and human-centric. Contact us to see how it works.
SME lending
Accounting data
SME and corporate lending are full of manual operations and lack real-time data which are essential to make the right decision and compete on the market. Together we'll make SME lending great again.
Open Banking shows the way of transparency and bring us great services not possible before. Imagine the same data available for corporate customers. We work to make accounting data available.

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