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Making fair decisions. Fast.
Build seamless customer experiences using our solutions to leverage Open Banking and consent-based customer data aggregation.
Zero integration
Near to no integration required to try out the solutions. Our team will make the onboarding experience as easy as possible. If your team require support, we're always near to help
Fast decisions
Accurate data
Move the onboarding process so you can screen and profile your customers at the earliest stage. Give your customers immediate response.
Get real-time and accurate data from reliable sources, both public registers and Open Banking. Get previously overlooked customers and reduce default rate using smart behavioral features.

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Suit screening and credit needs

Smart credit models
Make the right credit decisions using our rich experience in Machine Learning model development for banks, insurance and other financial institutions.
Easy onboarding
Bring seamless experiences to your customers with rich and user-friendly UI. Our solutions are easy to integrate into your existing flow.
Explainable decisions
Give your customers easy-to-understand feedback on the decisions made and tips to help them improve their personal economy

Quantitative and actionable insights

Verify solvency and customer income with valuable actionable insights to make the right lending decisions.
Risk insights
Behavioral data
Get insight with rich customer risk profile and use it in internal analysis, customer profiling and pricing strategy.
From better customer segmentation to CAC reduction to slashing customer churn.

Why select goscore

Relevant insights
We deliver only trustworthy, proven insights which can be used and applied in your daily operations, automate user-flow and improve customer experience
Powerful data analysis
The power of real machine learning and advanced analytics at your service. Proven technology and pre-built products together with custom solutions to fulfil your needs.
Team of problem solvers
Our team has extensive experience in solving problems for various industries, such as healthcare, AdTech, IoT and FinTech.

What you can achieve

Convertion rate increase
Acceptance rate increase
Default rate reduction

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