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Try a new Debt-Free Tool from goscore today!
It helps you to pay off your debts faster.

Get out of your debt. Get on with your life.

no sms and registration
no BankID
no fee or payments
100% free
Are you familiar with this situation?

You have several loans, maybe even in different banks. For different interest rates, for different periods and with different minimum payment amounts.
Sometimes it seems that you live from the payment of one loan to the payment of another loan. The feeling that you are in a deep debt hole doesn't leave you.

Just look at these numbers

447 000 persons
Have 2+ credit cards
19 317 persons
Have 5+ credit cards
823 persons
Have 10+ credit cards
400 persons daily
Become "4+ consumer loans person"
29 203 persons
Have 10+ consumes loans
4 503 persons
Have 20+ consumer loans
Based on the information provided Evry (2019) and Gjeldsregisteret (2019/2020)

Max Gordienok
Founder of goscore
These numbers shocked us.
One of the features of our goscore mobile app - Debt-Free Tool - helps you pay off your debts faster with a personal loan repayment plan.
But after the article on the E24 site, we decided not to wait until we finish the test stage and launch the app.

That's why we released a web version of this feature so that every Norwegian resident can use the Debt-Free Tool today. No SMS, registration, BankID is needed. 100% free.
Debt-Free Tool helps you repay your loans faster with personal pay-off plan

For whom Debt-Free Tool is most useful

2+ loans
If you have 2 or more loans, Debt-Free Tool helps see the order of loan repayment.
Different loan types
If you have mortgage, car loan or other loans, Debt-Free Tool helps you see which loan should be repaid first.
A little extra money
If you really want to become debtfree and have a little extra money to repay your loans, Debt-Free Tool will help with that

For whom Debt-Free Tool is less useful

You actively use credit cards every month
If you have credit cards among your loans and actively use cards every month, your pay-off plan should be updated every month.
You have fines or late payment fees on credit cards or loans
So far our Debt-Free Tool doesn't include interest rates changes or any additional fees and fines. Keep this in mind when building your personal pay-off plan.
You are looking for financial advisor
If you are looking for professional financial support regarding refinancing or debt collection, we recommend you to contact an authorized financial advisor to solve these issues.

4 good reasons to use Debt-Free Toll

Pay your debt faster
Debt-Free Tool helps you repay all your loans faster. You only need to add a little extra money for monthly payment.
100% safe
No sms. No registration. No BankID.
You do not share your information with anyone, even with us.
Easy to understand and use
Your pay-off plan has a Summary with an easy-to-understand month-by-month guide. Just set auto payments on your mobile bank upfront.
100% free
It's not a typo, totally free!
No payments. No hidden fees.

Get your pay-off plan in minutes

Step 1. Select your first loan
Fill in 4 fields for your first loan:
  • loan name (easy-to-remember);
  • current balance;
  • interest rate;
  • minimum monthly payment.
Step 2. Add all your loans
Fill in these 4 fields for all your loans:
  • mortgage;
  • car loan;
  • consumer loan;
  • student loan;
  • credit card;
  • other.
Step 3. Set extra payment
Choose how much extra money you can add to you monthly payment. You can set as the little as 100 kr to get the significant effect from Debt-Free Tool.
Choose the month (this or next) for calculation your pay-off plan.
Step 4. Get your pay-off plan
We calculate for you easy-to-understand pay-off plan. Download and follow it.
You get Summary on "Personal pay-of plan" sheet. You can find more details on the "Detailed pay-off plan" sheet.
See example

Get your personal pay-off plan for free

Ready to become debt free? Start by clicking the button below to generate your personal payoff plan in minutes!
No registration. No hidden fees. No subscription. Not a typo =)